Form OF-306
Form OF-306

Form OF-306 for (Declaration For Federal Employment) 2011-2019

What Is A OF-306 Form?

If you want to take a position in a federal office, you may be asked to complete the 306 Form. This document is required by the Office of Personnel Management, which manages the hiring process. This document is also known as a Declaration for Federal Employment. It is necessary to determine the applicant’s eligibility for government employment and enrollment in administration programs. To complete this template, gather all the required information. Include the following:

  • personal information, including full name, social security number, date and place of birth, and prior military service;

  • your background information, including prior felonies, employment, current debts, and more;

  • clearly presented details relating to military service, violations of the law, dismissals from work, current debt, etc.

Write only true and accurate data. In other case, there is a big risk to be fired from the job and to be prosecuted in accordance with U.S. Code, title 18 section 1001. It is obligatory to attach additional documentation to prove your qualifications and rewards. It is also necessary to provide SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action, and/or Veterans' Form DD-214. Send the completed 306 2011 form straight to the address of the federal authorities from whom you are seeking hiring for desired position.