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Instructions and Help about What does of-306 mean

You hey my name is attorney Walter oof not the third I'm going to be doing another acronym for you we're going to basically go through a bunch of these let you understand what it is the reason why is I'm hoping that these will from a disability tutorial standpoint be you know kind of a good little word search click thing for you so if you're not sure when they see is you're not sure what an ALJ is you know those are easy ones we're going to be doing tougher ones as well you'll be able to click that in and it'll pop up with this and then you'll be able to watch little bitty and I'll tell you kind of right away what it is alright the next one we're going to be doing is okay aaj what is an aaj some people switch the administrative in the appellate you know or the appeals rather for for this judge but it's traditionally Administrative Appeals judge administrative appeals judge for aaj and that's specific to of course Appeals Council being the Appeals Council adjudicator okay what do I mean by that when you go in front of you know a judge at your hearing you're going in front of an administrative law judge that's an alj but when you go in front of a judge at the Appeals Council you don't you don't actually go in front of one okay and that is because it's the Appeals Council adjudicator which is basically where you're going in front or you're not going in front of judges that are on a panel and they actually decide whether or not the judge main air as to law or fact ok now the Appeals Council is not bound by the decision of the administrative law judge it's just kind of a deal it is they can and I haven't found any legislation it might be out there that says basically they can go ahead and do it you know Anu is if like you know they weren't bound to any prior decision and they can decide it you know based upon all day prior information but usually there's a separate standard reply which is of course at that point did the judge make an error as law did the judge make an error as to fact I just want to point out one thing here that's pretty darn important so long as you mentioned and you know provided some you know something you know you can of course list it and then go to it later in hope that they'll accept evidence on it but so long as you mentioned and provided something about it for medical disabling factors or issues that you have at the administrative law judge hearing level right before or on the day of your hearing you can thereafter submit evidence pertinent to it so long as it's relevant to your disabling factors why am I saying.

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