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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Did you leave any job by mutual agreement because of specific problems

Instructions and Help about Did you leave any job by mutual agreement because of specific problems

Hi everyone Don Georgia Vichare author of the complete interview answer guide and today I'm going to answer for you the question why do you want to leave your job just the way I do inside the complete interview answer guidebook now this question can be answered in several different ways but I want you to do your best to keep your answers short and really avoid being dishonest with this question because for whatever reason your interviewer may spot your dishonesty and believe there's something you're just not telling them now there's usually only a few reasons people really want to leave their job and surprisingly money does not rank up at the top of the list I mean there's really a lot of reasons people want to leave their job I mean you may not have gotten along with your manager or your co-workers maybe you were never very excited to be there in the first place and maybe you only ever took the job to pay the bills that's really not a very uncommon story and maybe you know your reputation there was tarnished because you got a formal reprimand and staying there is just emotionally draining for you or perhaps you really are just underpaid and you just need more money but to be clear don't list any of these reasons for leaving your current job in an interview because the interviewer will not be impressed and you'll probably lose any chance of getting the job and also I want you to avoid making any negative remarks about your past your past present manager or your fellow employees or the company you're working for even if they are true I mean don't even hint it the fact that you hated your manager and avoid sarcastic remarks because interviewers really can pick up on your sarcasm you may think you're being cute and funny but they pick up on this stuff and it's really just a mark against you also remember the interviewer does not know your previous manager or your fellow employees so if you start bad-mouthing them in interview you're going to immediately be flagged as having a negative attitude towards your co-workers the interviewer will then just assume you're going to act the same way at this company if they would hire you and be a bad influence and they don't want that and you're not going to get the job really I don't care how bad you hate your current company your manager your co-workers your salary never ever ever bring any of that stuff up in the interview instead tell the interviewer something positive about your co-workers and your previous company I mean there's really no right answer to this question only wrong ones I mean you don't need to make a book out of this answer just just something short and positive is best after all it really doesn't matter to the interviewer as long as you don't say something.


Have any of you ever transferred out of UC because you did not like it? Did you go to a "lower" ranked school? Does that really matter in terms of jobs?
First of all UC has many campuses. Each campus is different. Berkeley is very competitive where is Santa Cruz from what I know is more relaxed. So, it is not clear which campus in UC you are referring to and why you are unhappy there.My son many years ago did his freshman year at Berkeley but transferred to San Diego CS & EE department because he was not sure if he would be able to get into the Computer Science department at Berkeley. San Diego has a good CS & EE department and he was quite happy there. Hope this helps.
How many hours/years did you practice in music production before your started to make a living out of it (with ability to leave your day job)?
For me, the hours are uncountable, but years are. I started producing music in 1998, and began making a “living”(meaning making enough to not have a “day job”) out of it in 2022. Keep in mind, “making a living” is relative, and as you go, one must continue to expand as well. It's the only way to increase your revenue stream. Plus music production as a term is a bit nebulous. I’ve made more under the umbrella of engineering than production itself.It really depends on who you work with, where you are, and what you consider a living. For me it was not needing to do anything “other than”. But personally, I had to have a large repertoire to do so. Other people might not. I know people that just make beats for rappers and make a pretty penny, with no other service provided. It's about finding a niche and exploiting it. And for me, that took ten years.
Did you stay in a job where you knew you weren't making any progress for a long period of time? Why did you stay? Why and how did you leave? Do you have any advise to those who are starting out?
Every one has a certain success path and cycle. This cycle does not mean that success would be a linear path. There would be time of high success rate and then there could be no success or even fall is possible.The great success opportunities comes when there is fall or great challenges. But lot of people fail to comprehend and make use of those opportunities.This happens because in period of no growth, majority of people do not work on enhancing their competence. Enhancing competence could be a life long process and opportunities are not available every now & then. One has to keep on preparing for the opportune time so that when opportunities come, then there would be maximum realization of those opportunities.Opportunities come at certain time and those who miss those opportunities have to wait for next opportunity level. Next opportunity will demand far more enhancement in one’s competence level to realize the potential embedded in those opportunities. When a few initial opportunities are missed, then it is very hard to make a come back and number of people could not grow beyond a point because of this precise reason.In great successes and growth, the external environment has a big role to play, it is not exclusively in one’s hand. But to prepare oneself for the right time is in one’s hand. Another important ability is to read the rhythm of external world, this ability could prvery precise awareness when the most ripen opportunity will arise. Most successful people have this adeptness. They may not be the highly talented people but they could judge when the opportunity will come and how to realize that potential.
Have you ever be out of job after a successful stint at one place, which you had to leave because of no mistake of yours or some misunderstanding? Was there any difficulty in future job searches?
I resigned a public sector job because, while I was much qualified, had contributed, but instead of promoting me an outsider who was too much under qualified, who had influence was brought in. I had to work under him, while he was ignorant about the technology. God gave me opportunity, I qualified through UPSC and entered DRDO in to a higher post through lateral entry phenomenon.
How did you fill up the bubbles of OMR? Does it make any difference if you leave negligible spaces or did you neatly circled them? How many seconds do you need to mark one bubble?
It will make no difference if you leave negligible spaces filling the circle..(I did : p) Still, you should try to fill them neatly (safety saves : )You should once go through the wrong methods to fill OMR(I think they are given on the back of the Sheet)For me it takes 1.5–2 seconds to fill the circle (talking about standard OMR sheet)
Did you ever leave a job in a hospital or medical center because of too much violence in or around your workplace? Was it the violence around you or something specific to a personal attack that made you leave or change jobs?
Nope. Worked for 6 years in a big-city University Med Center, most of that time in and around the ER. Never felt unsafe there or in any other hospital, despite that one time a woman shot her gun in the air to make her point. She got arrested for discharging her firearm in a threatening manner.
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