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tentative job offer acceptance letter 2011-2019

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If I accept a job offer in an e-mail but don't sign the offer letter, can I still back out of the job offer?
Thanks for the A2A.The only thing that I would add to the four answers already provided is this three part question to ponder:are you in an industry where there is a small number of qualified people to fill these positions?, ANDwere you contacted by a head hunter for the position you are contemplating turning down? ANDhave you abruptly left a similar job in the past after only a couple of months for better pay?IF the answers are “yes” to all of these questions that I’ve asked you to ponder, then you might develop a reputation that might haunt you and hurt you in the long term. Reputations are easy to tarnish but hard to repair.Good luck!
If I accept a job offer in an e-mail and signed the offer letter (Only acceptance page is sent) as an attachment, can I still back out of the job offer?
If you want to reject the offer you can do so by politely writing back. Why think of whether all pages are signed or not. It is generally presumed that when the offer is signed at the end of letter it is ginuine offer. Why should company lie. And it is not a contract also. After your acceptance and after your joining detailed appointment letter is issued and acceptance taken on hard copy. While accepting the appointment letter you can ensure that all pages are signed by both parties as a legal record.
Can an employee cancel the job offer after signing the acceptance letter?
Of course. This is especially true if you have not started yet. You can always simply leave because you are an employee and not a slave.It is in fact very common to accept an offer, get a better offer, then decline the first. I have done this more than once. The first potential employer will likely not even be surprised when you do.This issue will not follow you around or affect your reputation.Just make sure you send a letter indicating that you have changed your mind and that the first potential employer for the opportunity. You accepted the opportunity with a timely signed letter, so withdraw from the opportunity the same way.
After receiving the acceptance mail for a certain job position, how many days does it take for me to get the offer letter?
Hi there.. I'm posting this answer as per my knowledgeUsually they'll give the offer letter within a week or couple.Sometimes they might have critical requirements in the next higher level than for what you were been interviewed. So they'll promote you and offer the package higher than what you had discussed in HR round(provided your skill set is close to their expectations and they were satisfied with your performance in the interview).In such cases it might take some extra time for closing those positions. So please wait for couple of weeks or you can keep attending the next set of interviews in the meanwhile.If at all you haven't got any mail/call you can contact the HR if you have his/her mail or contact number.
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