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Instructions and Help about Of 306 question 18

The mailbox rule on Monday November 18th Suzi sends an offer to sell her house via FedEx Express to Terry for the amount of $250,000 Suzi I am offering to sell you my house and you know $250,000 please let me know if this amount is agreeable to you thanks Terry the letter is sent Monday November 18th and is delivered to Terry on Wednesday November 20th on Wednesday November 20th Suzi receives Terry's letter and replies with the text message specially accepts the offer for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars later that same day Terry gets a call from her realtor that she received another offer on her house hey Nate we got a message from the realtor it carries your vision tapes of evers-williams Indian comedy till you got another offer sweet we should say that one instead on November 24th Terry and Suzy meet to talk about the contract I just wanna let you know that I got another offer and 350 so looks like I'm gonna have to cancel Conrad I'm sorry but it's such a better deal I'm sorry but you didn't specify the message you want me to reply and I see you text message as soon as I receive your letter and that's faster than feted well I think are you serious yes 250,000 as of Wednesday November 20th there was a contract and no revocation because the offeror didn't specify a method of reply if the offeree uses the same method as used by the offer or or faster the mailbox rule applies and the contract is formed when acceptance is sent or dispatched if the offeree uses a slower method than used by the offer or the contract is formed when acceptance is received by the author or all my kids are gonna love this there's so much work did you will rock or somethin and will not thank you so much okay that's great oh my god welcome oh I just spoke with your mom the other day about the contractor she was supposed to send it to me like three or four dates about what happened here did you oh my god what happened my mom died like over the weekend she's like oh my god she was she's got like she was supposed to send me the contract so I mean buying this house I can try it without she told me that means we have contracts I'm sorry man she didn't deliver that much her to you we can't sell the house now to do with all 80 in this situation there was no delivery of the contract there was no contract in order to accept a contract there must be intent to get into the contract as well as delivery of the contract dear sue I would love to buy your Jeep for $100 please send me a letter with your reply thanks Bob I would love to sell you my Jeep for $100.

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