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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Opm hiring process

Instructions and Help about Opm hiring process

Hello everyone thank you so much for joining us tonight this is military spouse advocacy network and our employment advocate Rose Hollen is gonna present this amazing webinar on federal hiring process we want to thank you again for being with us we hope that you learn a lot from this webinar please feel free to ask questions and then of course Rose is going to pryou more information and what we are going to be doing throughout the webinar and at the end we are going to do the giveaways we have five gift cards $25 each to Starbucks and we hope that that you all enjoy it and please let us know if you have any questions so now I'm gonna give it to Rose and let's hope for learning a lot and like I said at the end you can also send bro some feedback through the emails or send them to Emma Sonya so that we can make improvements for the next webinar thank you so much and thank you for joining us hello everybody and welcome my name is Rose Holland I have worked employment readiness at Army Community Service currently I'm actually working as a lead trainer for another organization in the federal government what I'm going to talking about today is a lot of information we're going to talk a little bit about your account a lot of this is gonna be focused on understanding the job posting as well as the process the federal process is very different however unlike what a lot of people think it is not that it is more difficult it is just more time-consuming in some ways it's actually easier because they give you a lot more information the challenge is how do you rifle through that information and this is where understanding that job posting is really going to help we're touch on how to apply the required documentation and you'll see that is very very important one of the most important things about the federal application is the questionnaire so will kind of digest what is that that how does it work what does it mean to be an expert because that's really the key how you document that and finally we're going to talk about how do you put all of this information together into a resume so our hope you're all ready for the ride if you have not yet I strongly suggest you download the toolkit what you're going to find is in the right-hand corner of a lot of the slides is going to be these page numbers just like here and that's going to refer to where in our part the part 1 of our federal career guide this is located you'll notice we skip all the way to page 8 so I'm really not going to touch on the spouse preference there have been a number of webinars available through OPM through various agencies on the different.

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